Our thoughts…

Sometimes we try so hard to hide our thoughts and feelings because we are scared of the unknown. We are scared that, once our thoughts and feelings are exposed, they will not be taken care of by others the way we took care of them for so long. We are scared of letting go of what is in our control and putting it in someone else’s hands. We take a step ahead, and because of that fear, we take ten steps backwards, not realizing that we are causing that same fear for others. We are scared of being misunderstood. And because of this, we linger in a state of uncertainty, not knowing what to do because all we know is what we see and not what we hear.


5 thoughts on “Our thoughts…

  1. I am guessing you have been rejected before. Get over it men. it’s not new.
    If it’s a sensitive issue to you, take your time. You are entitle to your thoughts but what you think
    is a problem might not be a problem at all. If your partner loves you like your mother, you will be accepted the way God made you. Stop taking ten steps back because it could cause lack of interest.
    If you have been in prison all your life, get into prostitution, poor like a church ran or impotent,
    voice it out especially when it’s already knows to your partner.

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