Poem by Gulzar

ऐ उम्र !

कुछ कहा मैंनें,

पर शायद तूने सुना नहीं…

तू छीन सकती है बचपन मेरा,

पर बचपना नहीं…!!!
हर बात का कोई जवाब नहीं होता

हर इश्क का नाम खराब नहीं होता…

यूँ तो झूम लेते हैं नशे में पीने वाले

मगर हर नशे का नाम शराब नहीं होता…
खामोश चेहरे पर हज़ारों पहरे होते हैं

हँसती आखों में भी ज़ख़्म गहरे होते हैं

जिनसे अक्सर रूठ जाते हैं हम,

असल में उनसे ही रिश्ते गहरे होते हैं…
किसी ने खुदा से दुआ माँगी,

दुआ में अपनी मौत माँगी,

खुदा ने कहा, मौत तो तुझे दे दूँ मगर,

उसे क्या कहूँ जिसने तेरी ज़िंदगी की दुआ माँगी…
हर इन्सान का दिल बुरा नहीं होता

हर एक इन्सान बुरा नहीं होता

बुझ जाते हैं दीये कभी तेल की कमी से…

हर बार कुसूर हवा का नहीं होता !!!

– गुलज़ार


He pretended..

He pretended to be happy,
He pretended to be free,

He pretended to be okay, hiding his silent plea.

His pretense was enough to make them believe,

That’s the only way to cease his grief.

He pretended that he is right as rain,

He cried in water to hide his pain.

He pretended to be happy,

He pretended to be free,

And that’s all it can be…

-originally written by
 someone else…

Just keep pushing on…

There’s always gonna be another mountain
I’m always gonna want to make it move
Always gonna be a uphill battle

Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose

The struggles I’m facing

The chances I’m taking

Someone might gonna knock me down but no

I’m not breaking

I may not know it

But these are the moments that

I’m gonna remember most

Just gotta keep going

I got to b strong 

Just keep pushing on…

Solution to problems…

If you’re going through a problem that you just don’t know how to deal with, try to imagine that one of your friends or loved ones came to you with the same problem. What would you tell them? What kind of advice would you give them to get out of it or deal with it? Unfortunately, we’re more likely to give the right kind of advice to those that we love before we listen to it ourselves. We’re more likely to understand and see what they deserve before we see what we deserve. We’re more like to accept less than what we deserve, because we don’t listen to the advice that we would give to anybody else. So think of the advice you would give to your loved ones, because you yourself should be one of your loved ones. Put yourself in their shoes, put yourself in your shoes, and tell me what kind of advice would you give yourself today to get out of the problem that you’re dealing with?

It is love …

It wasn’t that he didn’t love her.

It was just that he was so in love with her, and knew that she was his destiny, that he didn’t feel like he needed to give her any more signs of his love.

Meanwhile, she was still wondering what she meant to him. She was still trying to make him love her, waiting for him to express it.

The reality was that he was already in way too deep. What he was looking for at this this point was different from what she was looking for.

And this is when disasters happen. Two people who are in love, but lose each other because she feels like he is  not showing his love enough, and he feels that she doesn’t trust his love for her enough.


The battle has only ever been you against you!

Theoretically, being able to condition our state sounds simple, yet that’s what scares some people off. They find it hard to believe that our greatness in life is found through its utmost simplicity. Most great things in life do lie in its simplicity, although we have made things so complicated, that being simple again is the challenge in itself. We race around trying to figure out all these complex ways to gain success and fulfillment, but we have always had the qualities within us. the challenge is definitely putting your knowledge into practice. As long there is life, there will be challenges. Our character is not based on not having challenges, but well we handle ourself in the face of them.

Good morning…

सुबह का मतलब केवल  सूर्योदय नहीं होता, 

यह सृष्टि की खूबसूरत घटना है

जहां अंधकार को मिटाकर

सूरज नई उम्मीदों का उजाला फैलाता है   

The meaning of morning is not just the rising of Sun.

It’s a beautiful incident of nature where after the removal of darkness, the Sun provides light of new hopes.

अच्छा दिल


अच्छा स्वभाव दोनो

आवश्यक है।

अच्छे दिल से कई रिस्ते बनेगे और 

अच्छे स्वभाव से वो

जीवन भर टिकेगे!

A good heart and a good nature, both are necessary.

A good heart will help in making many relations and a good nature will help in making the relations last lifelong.

Good morning…


Forgiveness is the better option, for it is based on a proven formula for saving yourself from even worse experiences. For example, forgiveness saves you from unworthy distractions, saves your precious time and saves you from creating even more problems. It is an instant solution to any problem. On the contrary, taking revenge is bound to complicate the problem, for that means making everything go from bad to worse. Where forgiveness can buy time, taking revenge just wastes time without any benefit.